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    Talent ID Camps

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    Western Canada Summer Games
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    Western Canada Summer Games
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    Western Canada Summer Games

    Spring 2015 Talent ID`s

    Gold Medal Winners 2014 ASG - Zone 5

    Gold Medal Winners 2014 ASG - Zone 5

    BY  · APRIL 29, 2015


    2015 Talent ID`s have begun for players with the birth years:

    1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

    What are Talent ID`s camps

    To be eligible for AABC programming and tournaments, at least one Talent Identification Camp must be attended. The AABC programs and tournaments include Alberta Summer Games, Western Canada Summer Game and Canada Summer Games, as well as Alberta Zone Championship.  
    Who can attend a Talent ID Camp

    For 2015,baseball players in the following birth years are invited to attend Talent ID Camp for the following events:

    The AABC Talent ID is for 14 (2001) -15(2000) year olds and runs in partnership with the Canada Cup Identification for 16 (1999) and 17 (1998) year olds.
    *** 1998, 1999 Birth year athletes
    will be trying out for the Canada Cup,
    which is administered by Baseball Alberta  ***

    *** 2000, 2001 Birth year athletes
    will be trying out top represent their Zone team for the Alberta Zone Championships,
    which is administered by the Alberta Amateur Baseball Council.  ***

    • There is no cost to attend a Talent ID.
    • Players can attend more than one Talent ID.
    • Players can attend any Talent ID camp
    • Complete a registration form for each Talent ID Camp that is attended, note on the form if you have attended previous camps.
    • Come dressed for the weather, with your equipment.

    What to expect:

    There will be a series of general position stations set up that will include running, hitting and throwing. There will also be specialized position stations i.e. pitching and catching.


    AABC Evaluations: 

    Players will be evaluated and timed (where applicable) at each station. The rotation of stations will be determined by position and age. This rotation may vary from player to player.
    Players evaluations will be tallied. Players will then be ranked with in their zone of residence.

    Players selected to continue on to the next level of evaluations will be notified by the AABC, and invited to try out for the next level.

    Canada Cup Evaluations

    Players identified and selected to participate in the Canada Cup program will be notified by Baseball Alberta