Aug. 27, 2019

Here is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the organization that supports and promotes our young Baseball Stars in Alberta.

There are 36 volunteer shifts that need to be filled.


When: Sunday November 3rd & Monday November 4th, 2019

Where: Elbow River Casino 218 18Avenue SE Calgary, AB

What is Required:

The following are the roles that need to be filled ASAP; 

1. General Manager

2. Alternate General Manager

3. Banker

4. Count Room Supervisor

5. Cashier

We also require the following positions filled;

6. Cashiers

7. Chip Runners

8. Count Room Staff

*if you would like a description of the positions, please send an email to:

There are 3 Shifts available each day for each position;

1. 11am-7:30pm

2.  6:45pm - 3:30am

3. 11:15pm-3:30am

When you apply for a position please state;

1. Position Name

2. Date (Nov 3 or 4)

3. Shift Time

Please send your emails to Shannon at:


THANK YOU in advance, for your consideration in helping us raise money to assist ALL levels of Amateur Baseball across Alberta.